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February 17, 2018: Study a Master’s painting & create your own! (Workshop)

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Norfolk Connecticut Kids & Teen Workshop:

Study a Master's painting and create your own! The focus of the February workshops will be looking at the rich history of these icons with other fun projects in-between. Bring an image by one of your favorite artists and get to know the artist and their techniques. Use the knowledge to recreate a painted masterpiece of your own.

Recommended for age 9 and up, exceptions allowed, please call 860-305-6579.

This is the second session. The first session has passed. Participation in both dates suggested but not required.

Curious? Visit our Pinterest for more inspiration and examples: https://www.pinterest.com/karenr6424/adults-and-kids-spring-workshops/

Kids Workshops are held at our Norfolk Studio on Saturdays from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM. The Norfolk Studio address is 60 Estey Rd, Norfolk Connecticut.

*Thumbnail image by Aja Kusick: https://www.sagittariusgallery.com/